Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Blog 2

Ode to my MacBook,

    Dearest MacBook. From the day we returned from the Apple Store I knew we would be inseparable. Never before had I been so free to stream video in the kitchen or listen to in the bathtub. You promised to keep all of my picture and video files safe, and you have more than fulfilled your promise. During the long drudge of the computer-less classes, I dream of when we can be together, scanning through tumblr or getting some quick news from cnn while downloading a playlist made by a friend.

    Together we are the two best friends, who have been together so long that everyone around them knows that they should probably get married and have children, but it’s been too long to shift the relationship. That, and anatomically it is impossible.

    I digress. The list of reasons I love you is endless. From your sleek design to your reliability against the fools on a PC. You provide instant conversation starters with other mac users, and you look great in a messenger bag. I can tote you to class and discretely check facebook, or bring you to a cafe and pretend I am writing a masterpiece.

    It was not a shock to people when I decided to dress you up in a crafty little case (pictured) that contained a real pocket! You look just professional enough for my taste.

    I gave you the name “Remington Randy” as a play on words of the brand of typewriter so many fools have been purchasing. Who needs a typewriter when I have your pages program and your sheek metallic back-light keyboard. I shall love you forever.


  1. Hi Lindsey - love the blog about your Mac! Great job.

    I'd love to hear more about my first question on blog #2 - how would you describe your relationship in human terms: are you co-dependent, parent-child, BFFs or anything else you can think of to best describe your relationship.


  2. HI Lindsey,

    When you find yourself turning to your Macbook, how would you describe what you need at that time? What needs does your Macbook satisfy? It may be different at different times of day - please be specific!

    Also, what "secrets" does your Macbook know about you that noone else does?